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  • Hydro tabs

    Hydro tabs

    If you train hard, its very important for your performance that you never run out of salts and minerals, simply because you sweat them out during your training. Simply add a hydro tabletย in your drinking water and watch it dissolve and enjoy one of our great flavorsSalts & mineralsHydro tabs from the Danish brand purepower contain sodium which is (salt) and magnesium. It is crucial for you who do a lot of sports to maintain an optimal magnesium and sodium balance, the consequence of being in deficit of these minerals and salts can be experienced as fatigue and exhaustion.VitaminsIn addition to containing salts and minerals, hydro tabs from purepower even contain vitamins such as vitamin E, which helps to protect the cells against oxidative stress. In addition to vitamin E, you can also find vitamins B6 and B3 in these hydro tabs, which help to support a normal energy metabolism and maintain a well-functioning nervous system.Experience the good taste without consuming unnecessary caloriesHydro tabs from purepower do not contain sugars, so when you drink these tabs, you do not get any calories from sugar. We promise you that you will experience a strong taste that makes it super delicious to keep enough water during the day / training.DosageIn order to both maintain the strong taste but also to get the most out of the effect of the vitamins and minerals, purepower recommends a single effervescent tablet for 2-3 dl of water.However, it is not recommended to use more than a maximum of 4 effervescent tablets per day. Dissolve 1 tablet in 200 ml. water. For a 600 - 750 ml. drinking bottle, we recommend that you use two tabs.IngredientsAcidity regulator: E330, sodium (sodium bicarbonate), glucose, thickener: E420, magnesium (magnesium carbonate), beetroot concentrate, orange flavour, thickener: E1521, sweetener: E955, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), colour: E101, nicotinamide (niacin ), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6). Nutrient facts for 1 tab Vitamin E: 0,9 mg. Vitamin B3: 1,2 mg. Vitamin B6: 0,11 mg. Magnesium: 28,13 mg. Sodium: 114,4 mg



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